The Two Worlds of VMware Fusion

VMware Inc. produced virtual machine software for Macintosh computers that come with Intel processors known as VMware fusion. Fusion basically fused a clean and sensitive interface that goes with a platform of virtualization reason why this is trusted by numerous users.  This software is convenient to use since this permits one to easily launch his Windows application. He may also switch easily the applications from Windows and Mac speedily.

Through the aid of the advanced virtualization technology, it is now easy for one to control the entire hardware available on his Mac through the use of VMware fusion. Using this, performing the following is a cinch: simultaneous running of the operating systems ranging from 32 and 64 bit; using two processors together at the same time; using USB 2.0 devices and running and choosing 3D games.  To sum it all up, VMware fusion makes it possible to enjoy two worlds—Windows applications on Mac.

Additionally, this VMware fusion is compatible with the virtual machines designed by the present versions of VMware Server and Workstation.  This software can also be employed with the free VMware player 2.0 either on Windows or on Linux.  Because of its wonderful features, VMware fusion is currently in tight competition with Parallel Desktop. The latter was first to be released in the market. The prices of these two also do not greatly vary. Both cost about a hundred dollars lesser than the VMware’s Windows version.  Of course, there are cheaper choices available in the market too. However, these two top in the market when in comes to features and performance. Hence, either of these are not a waste of investment.

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