The Undying Issue Regarding Saas Security

With the development of a lot of on demand applications nowadays, it is indeed a fact that Software as a Service or SaaS has come a very long way from its conception in the 90s. Though at first SaaS providers are having difficulties convincing customers to shift from traditional on-premise software applications into a hosted one, this has changed as companies, regardless of size, have realized the business sense and concept behind it that they have eventually accepted and adapted it in to their own system. This is real good news to independent software vendors (ISVs) as more and more companies are seeking for their services.

An increase in awareness of the various benefits of SaaS is one of the reasons why many resorts to seeking the best ISV to host applications to their web site. Looking back, it is always a matter of security why some companies are a bit hesitant about the idea of dumping critical and confidential data into an anonymous server that belongs to a third party vendor. However, this has changed in recent years as SaaS applications are proven to be more stable and secure with the association of different security measures such as data encryption, user authentication and database security. 

Indeed, customers have soon realized that privacy and security concerns can be associated with any application, either in-house or on-demand. However, it is still best to ask questions to learn more about the different security measures that SaaS vendors can offer to your business. Select the one that will truly protect company information since risk in security is difficult to take for granted.

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