The Ups and Downs of Salesforce as a SaaS Provider

One of the leading software companies that have been proven in developing the best Software as a Service (SaaS) software solutions to many businesses is Salesforce. Though Salesforce has remained focused more in introducing innovations primarily to small businesses (SMBs) from the beginning, still it is making a mark and creating an appeal to medium sized businesses and large companies

In mid-2005 alone, Salesforce proclaimed its largest deal with 5,000 seats at Merill Lynch, followed by the Salesforce Sandbox company preview later that year. Salesforce Sandbox is a hosted training and testing application and was set for a major release in winter of 2006. Salesforce applications continue to grow and in late 2006, it introduced an online billing and marketing service for certain companies that demand such online applications. At that time as well, Salesforce reported to have 27,000 subscribers with more than 400 application offerings on its AppExchange, Salesforce application directory. In spring of 2007, Salesforce released ContentExchange, a new application to manage documents. Salesforce even borrowed from Web 2.0 to let users to organize content and added Apex Content to move towards a full SaaS platform.

But then again, success has been known to be coupled with a lot of challenges. Downtimes and outages in Salesforce made bad news and even irate customers as well. This happened in late 2005 until the early days of 2006. This issue resulted to bringing SLA to the front position for customer protection. Salesforce has yet to recover from such issues. But then again, it does not matter if the SaaS market has opened its doors to new players. With a lot of competition around, Salesforce is here to stay& for good.


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