The Usefulness of Enterprise Architect Database

One of the many skills required to become a good enterprise architect is the know-how on different applications used for IT infrastructures. Database applications are among the many types of software tools needed for the enterprise architecture. This kind of software is used to create databases or collection of data or records in a structured and orderly manner. This is important for the enterprise architect for storing valuable information and retrieving them whenever needed.

Aside from database applications, enterprise architects also use the Enterprise Architect software to make their work in order, more efficient, and easier. One of the amazing features of the Enterprise Architect is its capability to work with database applications. However, the kind of database application and different compatibilities should still be observed when Enterprise Architect is used. Among the database applications compatible with the Enterprise Architect are MS Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, SQL Server, MSDE, Adaptive Server Anywhere, and PostgreSOL.

A compatible database application should be installed and used for the business enterprise along with the Enterprise Architect. This is important for the project files created with the Enterprise Architect since these files can be opened with the database applications.

Meanwhile, the users can create project files with a maximum size of 1 gigabyte. This is done to ensure that even the biggest Enterprise Architect project can be created and can be opened with various database applications. These project files have the EAP file extension. Sometimes, the user might encounter an unrecognized file format when opening the project file. This can be easily resolved by simply relocating the file and using the compatible database applications.

With the Enterprise Architect database, a better alignment of the business processes and the various IT infrastructures in a business enterprise is secured.

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