The Usefulness of ISTQB Notes Archives

Many aspiring software tester professionals are aiming to get a certification from ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualifications Board. Whether it is the simple Foundation Level exam or the complex Expert Level, aspiring software testers just want to pass the standard certification to prove their competitiveness. Among the many preparations one does in order to ensure a passing mark is to buy good books or download electronic books. However, among the many qualities of a book that one should look up before purchasing are the ISTQB notes archives.

It is no doubt that the ISTQB software testing environment is a complex world. A simple author cannot explain well all the concepts needed by an examinee in only a pile of papers. Putting notes on every page or every term is a great way to reduce the need of explaining everything. With notes, the author can explain a single idea without delving too much on side topics. Notes are also helpful for the readers in order to easily grasp the explanation of the author without the need to study the unessential topics on software testing. Most of the good books have their notes on every page and these notes have their own “glossary” too. That part is called the ISTQB notes archives.

The ISTQB notes archive is a collection of different comments, instructions, or side discussions involved in the content of the book. This is usually found on the last portion of the book along with the index, glossary, and bibliography. A good ISTQB book should have notes archive in order to offer reader a more comprehensive and easy study of the material. With this, reviewing for the ISTQB exam becomes easier and more effective.

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