The Value of Becoming a Certified Enterprise Architect

Nowadays, the number of certification has been constantly increasing. Once a person gained a certification, it directly denotes of his advanced knowledge and abilities. Certification then is directly synonymous to competency. Certification is a mark of excellence that distinguishes the ability of someone in the field of his profession.

Similarly, the enterprise architect certification serves in recognizing the capability of enterprise architect in his field. However, such credential is given only to the enterprise architects who achieved the criteria that has been set in getting the certification that will make them as a certified enterprise architect.
The general idea of enterprise architect certification is to serve as a resource for the architects who wants to achieve a certification. But as what was mentioned, this certification goes along with required criteria which needs to be successfully completed. This usually includes the following: a multiple exam based on knowledge; essay exam; and assignments.  

Once an enterprise architect achieved the certification, he will then carry with his name an impression of proficiency in his field.  A certification then for an enterprise architect will demonstrate of his high level of competence and excellence. Certainly, once an enterprise architect is regarded as a certified enterprise architect already, the credit will not only benefit the person but the organization he is also in as well.

The following are the benefits that can be reaped by a certified enterprise architect: increased of competence in the profession; his professionalism can easily be identified; a positive evaluation result when applying; and improved confidence on the part of the architect and employer. 

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