The Value of CCNA Resumes

Your resume contains the synopsis of your personal information precisely written, and is a pre-requisite for any job application. Bear in mind that the layout of your resume will give you extra marks during your interview, as far as the interviewer is concerned. Always include information like the position you desire to fill, your educational background, work experience, personal data, achievements, any training undergone, and personal references. To give the employer an idea who you are, you should insert a picture within your resume layout.
When pursuing CCNA-accredited employment, the first thing you need to prove as an applicant is that you have Cisco Certified Network Associate certification. According to current statistics about demand for CCNA-certified employees, you can earn a salary of up to 5,000 US dollars. But do not insist on salary during the initial interview since your comprehensive resume will show your professionalism, improving your bargaining position.
Here are some tips you should bear in mind when making your CCNA resume.
Be tactful about what is written on your resume, and the things you plan to say in your interview. In your CCNA resume, include your primary skills (notably in networking technology.) Its details must show your CCNA certification, possibly other networking certifications you have obtained, the training IT academy where you acquired your CCNA certification, and dates of your achievements (so the interview can understand the progression of your networking career.) You might also put in the highlights of your career so far, the skills in networking and computer management and configuration you now have, your attitude towards clients, and the techniques and approach you prefer to use for IT problems.
State your professional expertise in IT and capabilities in handling computer networking, management, and customer service. Your employment history, your current or last position, your most recent employer, and the dates of your hiring, and discharge from work are also vital.

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