The Value of ECDL Test Papers

ECDL test papers cover the seven modules of the entire ECDL program.  Candidates need to accomplish and pass the seven test modules in order to complete their ECDL certification process.  The ECDL test is divided into two categories: computer theory and practical skills.  Computer theory and general concepts are provided in ECDL module 1 while modules 2 to 7 cover computer file management, word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentations, and information and communication. 

Each module of the ECDL has separate test papers and should be accomplished within the 45 minute time limit for every test.  The passing mark for each module is 75%.  ECDL certificates will be issued to those who can successfully pass the exams. 

To ensure success during actual ECDL exams, candidates are advised to undergo several training processes.  They will have to enroll in an ECDL program in order to be allowed to take the certification tests.  If a candidate is already proficient in some applications, they can skip training on these areas and focus on applications that they still do not have enough knowledge.  In fact, tests can be taken even without finishing formal trainings.  But this is advisable only for those who are very proficient in using office applications.

During trainings, candidates will be provided with different study tools such as sample ECDL test papers, manuals, and workbooks.  These tools can help them overcome difficult processes by learning the step by step operations of the applications.  So, by learning how to answer ECDL test papers and understanding the process, candidates can have greater chances of being certified in just one exam sitting.

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