The Value of Your CCNA 3 Module 5 Exam

First of all, why take the CCNA 3 Module 5 exam? CCNA refers to the Cisco Certified Network Associate.
The 3 after that acronym pertains to the third module (since the CCNA is a four-module series) with one module usually taken up in one semester.

The Module 5 is about Switches (since CCNA 3 covers Switching Basics and Intermediate Routing). There are a total of nine modules in the CCNA 3 series before Final Exam is implemented. Module 1 is about Introduction to Classless Routing. Module 2 is about Single-Area OPSF. Module 3 is about EIGRP. Module 4 is about Switching Concepts. Module 6 is about Switch Configuration. Module 7 is about Spanning Tree Protocol.
Module 8 is about VLANs. And the last module – Module 9 – talks about VTP.

Knowing all that, the CCNA 3 Module 5 exam is one form of accreditation (under the category of Specialized Accreditation in the US where a certain educational program is accredited, as opposed to the Institutional Accreditation where the entire school – such as a university – is considered for accreditation.)

Accreditation is important for the students and their parents or guardians because assures them that the student is studying or has studied under a program that has met at least the minimum standards for accreditation. The school authorities need accreditation to tell them if the program is truly effective, and in connection, the school – if not, the accreditation process will inform them where weaknesses need to be shored up and where strengths are obvious. Employers often have no basis for hiring a program graduate aside from the accreditation that he has gained from the program he finished, and the accreditation that the school system has gained and is maintaining.

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