The Variety of Network Management Resources

In every business, network management resources are a vital part. Every asset and everything essential for the business are being taken cared of through the various network management resources. These things serve an essential purpose in keeping the whole business in tip-top shape.

There are various ways in which network management resources are being utilized. They also come in different forms and devices. However, no matter what they may actually be they all still serve the same purpose—to keep the business up and running and surviving no matter what. They can be seen as follows:

1. Communications – LAN and WAN are examples of network management resources under this category. In here, anything that involves smoother communications internally and externally from the business is being taken cared of. Usually, firewalls and surveillances are being utilized to do the job.

2. Databases – This category helps take care of the business database. Network management resources under such category house the entire archival assets of the business. Examples are Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database.

3. Servers – This enables the system to function through a third party method. Servers can also become a backup system in case of emergency.

4. Storage – Network management resources are known for their general capacity of holding data. This is the premise of storage systems. They host whichever type of data, regardless of size and kind.

5. Disaster Recovery – This category is one of the most important functions of network management resources. It serves to protect, maintain, and even keep the whole system up and running for over a long period of time.


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