The Versions of Configuration Management

Configuration Management is a discipline that applies and implements the administrative and technical surveillance and direction to identify and record the physical characteristics and the functionality of an item recorded. Also, it is a discipline that documents and reports changes in the processes and the status in the implementation thus verifying the compliance of the process to the requirements specified by the organization. Configuration Management is a field that controls and manages the changes in the configuration of the software systems. The system automates the identification of the versions and doing the minor and major revisions to a particular process. The storage and the retrieval, the release of the software and delivery of the processes is also in control of the configuration manager.

The version of configuration management includes the three digit version identification scheme. This requires the name of the configuration item with its minor and major revision as a non negative integer. The application of the revision whether a minor or major revision is managed using the software configuration management activities. The different activities done in the software configuration management comprise the management of the different processes for software configuration, the identification, control, accounting of the status, auditing and delivery of the software that will be configured. The practices used by the software configuration management when taken as whole will define how a particular organization builds and discharge products and it also monitors any minor and major change in the processes used by the organization.

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