The Visible Ops handbook Starting ITIL in 4 Practical Steps

The Visible Ops handbook Starting ITIL® in 4 Practical Steps

‘The visible ops handbook starting ITIL® in 4 practical steps’ is the title of the book written by Kevin Behr, Gene Kim and George Spafforrd. The aim of this book is to give comprehensive guidance and valuable tips to the IT companies in general and professionals in particular.

The authors say that their aim in ‘The Visible Ops handbook Starting ITIL® in 4 Practical Steps’ is to reduce the unplanned wok in the IT industry by 25 percent. This book is very simple to read and gives a practical view of the practices rather than theories.

Unlike the title of the book, it is not divided into four segments but starts with an introduction that is targeted to give an overview of the visible Ops, ITIL® processes and relation between both of them. The title of the sections are ‘stabilize the patient’, ‘modify first response’, ‘catch and release’ and ‘find fragile artifacts’.

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