The VMware License Program: Giving Users the Full Benefit of Virtualization

The VMware server is technically a free download resource from the VMware website.  A user can easily save the application to a local computer.  However, the program will need a serial number to work.  To be able to get a serial number, one should get a license which can also be acquired free.  An online form needs to be filled up so that a valid license for the software can be issued.  The online form can be found on the website of VMware. 

The VMware evaluation copy also has a counterpart evaluation license which expires after the period of evaluation.  During evaluation, the software is fully functional allowing users to maximize the utilities of the application. 

The VMware license is issued for a single user only and can be used on a limited number of machines.  The license is not transferable and can be used only for the machine where the application was originally installed.  Upon termination of the license key, further licensing of the software and other additional modules of the general software can be reacquired by paying a license fee.  This will ensure that the program can be used fully and any additional module can be integrated into the general program.

The VMware software is a very useful and powerful IT virtualization application.  It has the ability to optimize a single workstation into multiple PCs with multiple operating systems.  It can bring down the cost of IT infrastructure including server maintenance and data storage center.  It can also minimize the need for any hardware requirements because the virtual machines can share the resources of the host machine.  To fully enjoy the benefits of the VMware applications, it is always best to get a license for its use.

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