The VMware works with Fedora 7

Fedora 7 is a free operating system developed by Fedora Project that produces Fedora Linux distribution.  Fedora is a Red Hat Package Manager whose main objective is to provide a rapid progress of Free and Open Source software.  Fedora 7 OS can run the VMware Server.

The latest version of Fedora OS is the Fedora 7 with a codenamed Moonshine.  Fedora 7 was released on May 31, 2007.  There is a big difference of Fedora 7 from Fedora 6.  The Fedora 7 has merged the Red Hat “Core” and Community “Extra” repositories and new build system was designed to manage those packages.  Thus, there is only one repository of open source tools, and the assembly depends on whatever  the Fedora community spins desire.

The Fedora 7 is available on three official spins.  The spins are variations of Fedora built from specific set of software packages.  Each of the spin is a combination of software that is design to meet the specific kind of end user.  The spin choices are:
• Live CDs for GNOME and KDE desktop environment.  This can be installed to a hard disk and the spins are for desktop users who choose to do a single disk installation and share the Fedora with friends, family, and event attendees.
• A regular image designed desktops, workstations, and server users. This spin is to  provide a good upgrade path and similar environment for users who have  previous releases of Fedora.
• A set of DVD images which includes all software available in the Fedora repository. This spin is designed  for users who have no broadband Internet access and choose to have the software available on disc.

Pick your choice and spin the Fedora 7. Make your VMware Server work under Fedora 7 OS.

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