The VMware Workstation Version 6.0 and its Unmatched Features

The VMware Workstation 6.0 is one of the software developed by VMware, Inc. and is considered as the most advanced virtualization for desktop and laptop computers.  The VMware Workstation 6.0 is the new release version has made the VMware, Inc.

The VMware workstation is essential for companies who works with multiple operating systems or computing environments.  People who are IT engineers/system developers and QA engineers, call center/help desk/tech support engineers , computer-based educators/trainers and their students , salespeople and sales engineers who run software demos. users who need to run Linux on Windows (or vice-versa), users of modern operating system such as Windows Vista find  VMware Workstation useful. The VMware Workstation allows vitual machines to run just like a full PC with its own  CPU, memory, disks, I/O devices, etc. The Wokstation 6.0 runs with  Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Apache Web Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Kernel debuggers, Firewalls and VPN software.

The VMware Workstation  6.0 has unmatched set of value-added features that enhances the productivity of technical professionals and organizations. These features include:
1. It has support for Windows Vista both for guest and host operating systems
2. It has multiple monitor display that spans the virtual machine display across a second monitor
3. It has support for USB 2.0 devices which includes high-speed storage and iPods
4. It has a VMware Converter that makes it easy for users to create new virtual machine from a physical disk
5. It has the ability to access remotely the console of a virtual machines  from a VNC client
6. It has the ability of running virtual machines in the background without the Workstation UI
7. It has integration with leading IDEs, (Visual Studio and Eclipse)
8. It has state record/replay capabilities

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