The Web 2.0 and the Companies that made it what it is

What used to be a mere concept is now a gigantic and considered milestone of the century – the Web 2.0. The Web 2.0 being a theory gets to claim its fame and status because of the many big companies that showed support and appreciation to what this theory can do.  Some of the big names in the Internet industry that showed support and appreciation to Web 2.0 are the, the, Google, Wikipedia, Skype, Ebay, and Craiglist.  All these big names in the Internet industry have contributed to what Web 2.0 is at the moment. and for instance have been using the Web 2.0 concept in building some f their well known Internet features like Google Adsense and Yahoo!Local.  Google and Yahoo think that the Web 2.0 has all the potential means and methods that could help Internet developers and web designers create a more powerful and strong website for Internet users.  Incidentally, when these two giants of the Internet have used the Web 2.0 in majority of their applications, more and more Internet companies have started to appreciate and use the same tool that Yahoo and Google are using – the Web 2.0.

Now, Web 2.0 is no longer just a mere concept in the Internet industry.  It is now being considered one of the more influential and useful Internet tools that the modern Internet industry has.  After just about a few years of its existence, it is now being considered a pillar in the industry of web designing and development. 

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