The Web 2.0 Logo Made in Photoshop

Using Photoshop can be very interesting once you have knowledge about it and have a full blast employing it especially in Web 2.0. So if you are that interested in creating your Web 2.0 logo made in Photoshop, you might want to learn the basic skills first and learn from other designers and developers as well if you want to start exploring your creativity and as it gets reflected on your own work, in this case your Web 2.0 logo.

The Steps in Web 2.0 Logo Making:

1. Download the application you need and install the style of file you want to create in your Photoshop.
2. Then, load or run the style you installed then call up the Style dialogue box that is found on your Photoshop tools. So from Windows go to Style. Then, click the small arrow on the right corner located on the top. Then from the top down choose Load Styles option. From the list search for the option that says Web20 and then load it. Then, from the arrow drop down click on the option called Large List.
3. The style you installed gives you the liberty of mixing the default logos provided. If you want to know how to draw your own logo you can also do so.
4. In case of drawing you Web 2.0 logo go to the option named “mixd logo” and you will have more options like “mixd text,” rounded rectangular, small dot, and smaller dot. Then try to explore and employ more design functions to make you logo more stylish.
5. You can also utilize the Blending Options for the style you have chosen or drawn.

With this helpful tips, you will realize that coming up with your Web 2.0 logo is as simple as patience.

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