The Web Log Analytics

With a plethora of tools for website statistics, you have to make sure that you will end up employing a web log analytic tool that will serve you in all its purposes. An excellent web log analytic tool should be cost-effective and can deliver detailed, accurate, and relevant statistics from single or thousands of websites. The statistics that will be delivered should be across the distributed network, whether it be supported by many log file types or not.

Some of the file types may include Internet Information Server or IIS and Apache. Also, the statistics that will be employed should be supported by multiple operating systems that mainly include Windows and Linux.

There are actually web log analytic tools that have the capacity to interpret logs or log files and enable conversion to come up with a kind of database that is efficient, relational and proprietary. This capacity also supports disk space reduction that is up to 85% as it also creates an ideal platform needed in reporting and extensive mining of data.

Before purchasing any web log analytic tool you should have clear-cut answers to the following issues so you could end up taking the ideal solution with complete, operational and efficient tools. Some things that you have to consider are:

1.     Performance analysis of web log analytic solution to marketing campaigns and other SEO undertaking.
2.    Understanding of search engine and indexing.
3.    The statistics for the time users spend on particular web pages.
4.    The measurement of genuine visitor traffic and the analysis of website performance.
5.    The capability of a web log analytic solution to retract pages that have brought visitors to your web pages.
6.    Understanding of issues, questions and solutions of powerful data mining.

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