The WiMax 16e

The WiMax 16e has been called in various ways, 802.16e-2005, IEEE 802.16e, or Mobile WirelessMAN. However, the 802.16e-2005 is already made official.

802.16e-2005 is in fact an amendment to 802.16-2004 which is more recognized as 802.16e. 802.16e is also called as the Mobile WiMax that was confirmed in 2005. In fact Mobile WiMax is the star of WiMax forums when it was first introduced especially in International Broadband spectrum and the real threat to the current 3G technologies.

The potentials of Mobile WiMAx was patronized by South Korea to make it as their wireless broadband or WiBro to their market. Other large enterprises and telecommunication companies see WiMax products to be at its quickest acceleration because of the successful interoperability testing that occurred in 2007.

The wireless network evolution through the Mobile WiMax allows users to fully get connected especially when Wi-Fi hotspots are not yet available or not available in a particular area. Data intensive applications that involve online multimedia, video downloads, streaming music and mobile TV are guaranteed of good connection through Mobile WiMax.

Mobile WiMax has combined its features to standard-based technologies like the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access or OFDMA to fully meet the increasing demands for mobile data and this particularly targets efficient support for multiple users. In addition, Multiple Input/Multiple Output known as MIMO is already used in smart antenna technology that enables more data traffic so there would be an increased in range of the mobile data for the users.

With this known, Mobile Wimax is indeed designed to deliver superior data rates, lower costs, scalability, and reduced network complexity considering that it is also the first technology to get included to the International Mobile Telecommunications in 2000.

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