The WiMax Design for Wireless Technology

With the infrastructures design of WiMax it has successfully empowered other wireless technologies. WiMax enables high speed access rate and prevalent coverage as standard Wireless Metropolitan Access Network or WMAN technology.

Network management is needed in managing a range of network devices. Hence, WiMax network design is needed since a working network design facilitates control of the assets and information that is gained from the site which in turn will allow a comprehensive network deployment services.

Working out the initial network design of for a certain business site for instance requires particular choices in terms of equipment and architecture. Hence, to come up with a comprehensive WiMax design for wireless technology the following should be taken into account;
1. The summary and abstract of the entire network that comprised the objectives, expectations, challenges, and advantages that depend on the user and network architecture viewpoints.
2. The list that contains recommended vendors for the products and solutions that are needed such as access points, cabling, antennas, surge suppressors, jumpers, connectors, and so on.
3. The complete plan containing details about final engineering, acquisition of site, testing, integration, optimization of the site and the construction costs.
4. The comprehensive point-to-point backhaul RF that has link budgets and path profiles intended for each link that is found in the network.
5. The complete analysis of each link in the network that should achieve 99.99% reliability.
6. The findings of spectrum and noise analysis which is essential in identifying the baseline signal strength levels which should be acceptable as well.
7. The mounting details for ladder measurements, tank railing, and leg towering.
8. The detailed hardware-particular multipoint transmission analysis with coverage background details.
9. Finally, the presence of data with regard to wide-ranging opportunities for the consumers’ feedback in the entire network design and the variables in it.

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