The WiMax Frequency Bands

Since WiMax is a successful technology in delivering fixed, portable, and mobile services which is also scalable when it comes to bandwidths and high data rates it is good to note that such achievement is linked to the varying and developing WiMax frequency bands.

In fact the foremost frequency of WiMax that was shipped internationally used 3.5 GHz bands. This frequency band is even certified with high interoperability. Later on a second spectrum provided by Wimax equipment vendors made use of 2.5 GHz frequency range and products being shipped were widely employing the 2.5 GHz frequency range with 5.8 GHz interoperability.

In the latest WiMax Forum, that is later this year, the forum supports the decision in complementing the 2.6 GHz bands or frequency bands for the Mobile WiMax technology that will be served to the European Commission. More so, the 2.3, 2.6, and 3.5 GHz band frequencies are directly aimed for key bands of the Mobile WiMax.

With regard to this decision, the recommended 2.6 GHz decision was supported by the Forum and European Commission in deploying technology services and usages within the said frequency band. In this case, the essential technical framework for operators will be made available especially in flexibility of the administration over FDD and TDD. This all boils down to determining appropriate use of the spectrum and in creating more significant spectrums for the benefits of consumers.

The 2.5 GHz frequency that is widely used internationally or the global market is still in the process of earning a harmonized spectrum for the growing needs of the market. However, the WiMax Forum still sees the need for new allocations of spectrum to respond to the quick development of additional profiles that need full technical spectrum licensing.

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