The Writing Procedure of ITIL

The need to document ITIL® based procedures and applications are very important for the business to comply with the necessary ITIL® requirements. There are sets of procedures that are off the shelf but this might require a bigger cost when it comes to the modification appropriate to the particular organization. It would be practical to write a new one than modifying an old procedure. The process of writing ITIL® requires writers that are professional in the field of writing and had an experience with the different writing procedures.

The writer must also have an IT background and knows the principles of ITIL®. He must have a good understanding of the various types of information to arrive to well plan policies and procedures that are aimed by the task and the people concerned. He must be able to acquire information and conduct an interview with the owners of the processes and the experts to have the right sources of information. He must also be versatile and can do additional skills like mapping processes, making flow charts, authoring tools, and many more. He must be able to format and edit the documents and lastly, he must have a good knowledge of the different requirements such as publishing and version control.

The procedures in writing ITIL® have a lot of areas to take into consideration. It must be designed to meet with the procedures and policy of the system of the company. It must also consider customer service. Writing ITIL® is a struggle at first but definitely a very rewarding task in the long run.


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