The Youngest American, Indian And Pakistan MCP Passer

The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP exam is given to individuals to test their skills and knowledge of Microsoft products.  It is given and recognized all over the world and it does not distinguish whether you are an American, an Indian, Chinese, or Russian. Anybody can be an MCP once he passes the exam.  The benefits and privileges of becoming an MCP certificate holder include membership to a secured site, a host of career opportunities, and the honor of using the MCP logo in any communications or business transactions. 

Currently the youngest MCP holder is an eight year old Maulin Raval. He is considered to be the youngest MCP passer in networking. He is residing in Rajkot India , This boy genius can install any operating system. He can disassemble hardware and fix it right back in by himself. And guess who he considers his idol? Well, its Bill Gates! He actually wants to achieve more than what Bill Gates had achieved. Maulin excelled in his studies and other minor activities in his school. His parents became even more proud when they checked the website and saw an 11 year old American from New York who also passed the test while their son was just 8 years old when he cleared the MCP test. And in 2006, Babar Iqbal a nine year old Pakistan also passed the test in MCP.

More and more students are taking the MCP certification at a very young age. This is because they have seen the advantages of obtaining MCP certification. Whether you are an American, Indian, Pakistan or whatever nationality you have, MCP will lead you to higher grounds.

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