There is Business with Web 2.0

Since the term Web 2.0 became popular in the World Wide Web, there have been so many questions that came about regarding its business value. One of the famous questions is can you really establish a business with the ideas presented by Web 2.0? Of course, people appreciate its new web applications and the social association that come along with the technology but still some are not confident if what are the business advantages of Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 can actually add up to your business value and can give you a competitive edge if properly employed in the company. Let’s take Craigslist as an example. This site actually exists because of its co-users as well as the contributors. They make sure that in their business, the information that are available in their site are difficult to reproduce. And one thing that makes Craigslist become productive is it incorporated a revenue model on the site.

There are also some other companies out there who employed the concepts of Web 2.0 in their business and right now they are getting more income with this venture. They try to utilize all their resources and make use of their users to gather combined intelligence and social teamwork. In using these tools, they are able to reach out to many people thereby getting most of those targeted market. There is indeed business with web 2.0 but you need to apply the principles appropriately. It is not enough that you just use the technology, you need to use it right to get its real business value.

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