Things to Remember when downloading the SQL Server 2005

The Internet is a good source to download almost any other type of files that you want from video files to audio files to even a whole system package.  More often than not, people who download a file from the Internet are not fully cognizant about the things that he or she needs to be aware of.  This often results to redundantly doing the same process of downloading the file.  In order to avoid being in the same plight, below are some of the things that you need to remember when downloading a file specifically the SQL Server 2005:

a.    Learn the file size of the file that you are downloading.  The SQL server comes in different setup versions.  These setup versions have different file sizes depending on what you want to download.  However, it is important that you know the file size prior to downloading the file so that you can maximize your hard disk drive space.
b.    Learn the required hardware to run the system.  There are times that software that you need require a special device for it to be executed.  You must understand that this requirement is for the better and optimized execution of the software that you are downloading.  
c.    Learn in general the system and hardware requirements.  The list of specifications that are made handy for you during the downloading process gives you a general view on what you need to have prior to downloading and installing the file. This saves you time to repeatedly check and re-validate the specifications that you have should downloading process failed.  

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