Things You Must Consider About A Disaster Recovery Planning Guide

Disaster recovery planning guides are a vital part of the DRP process. Every plan has a framework from which it is developed. This is why it is important to know which key features a disaster recovery planning guide should contain prior to following its stipulations.

Initially, a disaster recovery planning guide is also formed out of a certain proposal. The proposal is usually initiated by management people and they are the ones who are responsible for detailing what needs to be included within the disaster plan for recovery. Here as follows are the important key points which must be tackled within the proposal.

– The business increases it dependence on computerized production in its long term existence.
– The disaster’s impact on the business must be duly recognize alongside how often it possibly occurs.
– A formal process must be dutifully followed in the event a disaster occurs.
– Disasters must not affect the overhead expenses of the operations and other vital production processes.

Upon reviewing a proposal, the concerned team can now see how their concerns would fit in the disaster recovery planning guide. Since majority of the points found within the proposal would most likely meet the needed standards for the guide, here’s some additional key point which a good disaster recovery planning guide must also have.

Awareness – The guide must be powerful enough to infuse awareness on all levels of the organization.

Project Planning – The disaster planning recovery guide must have a detailed section of project planning. This is what all the process is all about.

Key Business Areas – This aspect would tackle which areas of the business would be very much affected and would need close attention throughout the recovery planning process.


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