Three Ingredients of ERP Success

There are three keys to successful implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning application.  These critical factors will ensure that the deployment of ERP will improve the companys business processes and strategic management practices.  It is a known industry fact that not all ERP implementations are successful.  So to be able to have considerable ERP success, companies need to factor in some key elements that will ensure a trouble-free ERP implementation.

First, top management and key corporate players should be involved in the Implementation of ERP.  Management should not limit their involvement in the planning and initial stages only. Management must be able to follow the implementation from its inception to its full implementation.  After a certain period, a thorough assessment and evaluation of the impact of ERP solution on the companys business processes must be made.

Second, ERP involves complete retooling and reorientation of personnel.  This means that necessary personnel training and skills development must be made. This will give those that will implement the new system enough knowledge in deploying the ERP solution to different business units.

Third, companies should not fast track the deployment of ERP in the hopes of cutting down the cost of implementation.  Some companies that fast tracked ERP deployment have experienced difficulties and failure in its implementation.  So companies must carefully consider the time factor of the implementation.  Enough time must be allotted for ERP deployment so that adjustments can be made carefully.  This will certainly avoid haphazard implementation of ERP and half-cooked applications knowledge.

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