Three Interesting Definitions of Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is a very popular aspect of the life of many organizations worldwide, whether they are in business, in the academe, government or others. Which is why when it comes to defining the actual term of knowledge management, one could stumble across several definitions as these will become applicable in the different areas it is being implemented in. As such, knowledge management can be said to have a rather broad expanse or range of thought, having little unanimous definition save for the good that it does for the organization. There are even some schools of thought regarding knowledge management and different authors and proponents as well.

However, there are three main perspectives which is said to be the most summed up and most applicable focuses on knowledge management in the three largest avenues it is active in-namely, technological, social and ecological. The first one, if you define it in technological means, would be summed up as a focus on the technological aspect which is able to enhance the way knowledge is shared and replicated. The second working definition, when it is applied to the generally more social level-or organizational-is the knowledge that a particular organization needs in order to facilitate its many processes and thus contribute to the life of the organization.

And finally, the ecological definition of knowledge management would pertain to the search for human interaction in accordance with the identity and knowledge that can be found in a particular environment that would allow its users to apply it in a highly complex and adaptable way in order to survive.

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