Tips for Installing VMware Server

The VMware Server is the entry-level server virtualization software created by VMware, Inc. The VMware Server runs on Linux or Windows host system. You will have to uninstall the VMware products such as  VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server, VMware Player, or VMware ACE before you can install a VMware Server. To download the software is to go to You will be asked for your email address in order to receive the serial numbers from VMware. You will be asked to select the host system that you are operating.  There is a serial number assign for Windows hosts and another number for Linux hosts. 

Prior to installing your VMware Server there are several things that you need to make sure that you have:

1. The server and host operating system must meet the systems requirement for running the VMware Server
2. The remote management client and operating system must meet the systems requirement for running the VMware Server remote management software.
3. The VMware installation software you downloaded is in your files
4. The  VMware serial number that was sent to your email address
5. The CDs or disks installer for your guest operating systems

The installation of VMware Server software includes VMware Management Interface, the VmCOM API, the VmPerl API, the Programming API, and the VMware Server Console.  Use the serial number provided to you during the installation of the VMware Server Console.  The software will allow you to create your virtual machine for your guest operating system using the New Virtual Machine Wizard. 

Install a VMware Server free and start running through multiple instances.


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