Tips for ISO 9000 Internal Auditors

An internal auditor is responsible for planning, organizing and assessing the internal auditor program of an organization. This procedure is conducted in an objective manner to be able to determine if ISO 9000 standards and requirements are met. As a company implementing ISO 9000, there are a few things that an internal auditor should be aware of:

1. Internal auditors should be trained on the new standard. An ISO 9000 internal auditor should be a person competent enough to conduct an audit, which means that he should have the capability to apply knowledge and skills. Internal auditors should also be aware of new concepts and terms. Knowledge of these would mean consistent interpretation of standards and requirements.

2. Internal auditors should always revise their internal audit procedure. As stated, there are sometimes changes to the requirements. Revision of the procedure, however, should also mean considering the prior audit results.

3.Internal auditors should update their internal audit checklists. Training course promote the use of checklists as an effective tool to promote planning for the assigned audit, ensure a consistent audit approach and can act as a time manager. However, some say that a checklist can sometimes result in poor audit coverage because it restricts the information on what was in the checklist. There are other useful tips to ISO 9000 internal auditors such as adjusting audit approach and evaluating the effectiveness of the audit system. ISO 9000 internal auditors have the responsibility to use these tips to provide an internal audit program that shall be efficient and effective to the organization.

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