Tips On Carrying Out Organizational Development Change Management

Organizational development, as the term implies, is the process by which an organization
survives and thrives through the years of its existence. Thus, organizational development
change management would be the process by which decision makers attempt to manage the
changes that are inherent with any effort at organizational development.

To properly carry out organizational development change management, decision makers need to
first create a well-structured plan for organizational development. Many change management
efforts fail because decision makers (or those designing the organizational development
program) did not structure the program properly. A half-baked effort is worse than no
effort at all because the half-baked effort may result in changes which may be detrimental
to the organization.

Next, organizational development change management must be communicated to all levels of
the organization which will be affected. Granted, not all organization members stand to be
affected by the changes but those who do should be informed beforehand so that they can be
prepared. And everyone knows that ill-prepared employees have the odds stacked against them
to be able to properly and adequately handle change management related to organizational

Sometimes, for organizational development change management to be successful, the concepts
and principles used should be as simple as possible. Same goes for the execution of the
program – sometimes, the simpler the process being installed, the better it will be for the
organization and all affected audiences in the end. It is perfectly obvious that the more
complex the program, the harder it will be for people to integrate it into their daily

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