Tips on How You Can Get the CISSP Test Schedule

A CISSP student should register for the CISSP examination by accessing the global website of ISC2 at and by following the instructions. The CISSP test schedule varies upon the location of the applicant, and it is recurrently updated by ISC2 without prior notice. Hence, it is important to re-check the exam dates every two weeks to find out the schedule changes and updates. In addition, there is an examination fee which also varies with location of the exam event, and should be directly be paid to ISC2. You can download the complete PDF list of examination fees from
Practically all students are advised to take the CISSP test about two or three weeks after their CISSP class or training. This is also to avoid those cram courses which push you to take the  examination ASAP. Likewise, students typically register for the CISSP exam at least 2 weeks before the examination date to get the early exam registration discount of $100.

Why do exam dates seem to be published at the last minute? Some private exams (meant exclusively for company staff) are listed briefly due to the crucial internal enrollment which places stress on the other schedules. As an alternative, the sponsor of the private exams will allow public enrollment but consider only a few candidates from other organizations. In the manner that you cannot wait for your cell test date, you might choose to sponsor a CISSP exam instead.

CISSP exam schedules are arranged between the end-user (or sponsor) entities and the ISC2 administration. The only sponsors allowed by ISC2 to contract the exam (as implemented in late 2002) are companies and trade associations. This implementation (no-compete requirement) restricts commercial training centers (with universities exempted) from contracting the exam schedules. Hence, a CISSP student shall apply as a private individual (if not connected with any trade association or company) for CISS exam schedule.

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