To be a certified MCSA

Being certified raises you to a next level in your career or profession.  It is a step to promotion or to a higher jobber position with higher pay. 

The Microsoft Certified Professionals for Systems Administrator (MCSA) certifies the professional in his or her knowledge in system administration of Microsoft Windows operating systems.   The examination for a MCSA depends on the system serve to be administered. For  Windows Server 2003,  MCSA is obtained as a professional pass the 2 networking system exams, a client operating system exam (generally Microsoft Windows XP), and an elective exam. For Windows Server 2000 MCSA the certification is given after taking 3 core exams and one elective.

The MCSA certifies the holder’s capability to implement, manage, and maintain the typically complex computing environment of medium- to large-sized companies.  Messaging and security specialization exists in both Windows 2000 and 2003.

The title MCSA was developed due to the result of a job skill surveys that Microsoft conducted in 2001. The survey revealed that many network administrators or systems administrators gave focus on server and client maintenance and administration tasks. Time was not spent on network design and infrastructure scalability issues in their work.

The benefits of being a certified Microsoft Systems Administrator are as follows:

1.  Recognition of expertise in the IT industry 2.  Right to the use of MCO logo or enter into
     business collateral 3.  Access to Microsoft technical and product
     information through the MCP website 4.  Avail of discounts on Microsoft products or
     services 5.  Able to join the MCP peer to peer database and
     access to back issue of MCP mag at a reduced fee

 Stand out and be ambitious. Become a hero at work or a newly hired. Be a certified MCSA.

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