To Be on CMM Level 5

The Capability Maturity Model (CMM) is a standard guide for software developers in the development and refinement of an organization’s processes. The CMM has 5 levels of maturity.  These are Level 1 (Initial), Level 2 (Repeatable), Level 3 (Defined), Level 4 (Managed) and Level 5 (Optimizing).  A mature organization depends on its capability of providing the software development at a specified time.  The CMM can be considered as a benchmark used for assessing different organizations for equivalent comparison.

If your organization falls under the CMM level 5, you have achieved the highest level of maturity and your organization focus is on continuous process improvement based on quantitative feedback and pilot of new ideas and technologies.  There are software project teams created by organizations to analyze the defects and determine their causes.  The team evaluates to prevent the recurrence of known defects and the lessons acquired are shared to other projects.  At CMM level 5, the word waste is unacceptable.  Teams should organized efforts in removing the waste, without necessarily changing the entire system.

Improvement is brought about by any incremental advancement in the existing process and by innovations with new technologies and methods. Technology and process improvements should be planned and managed as regular business activities. CMM level 5 are audited and reviewed.  A result of the rating is published by the software organization.  Most organization uses this result for marketing purpose of drawing more customers and for customers to rely on their software.

Aim high, aim for CMM level 5.  It may be your ticket entry into the global software development-sourcing arena.

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