To make ITIL Best Practices Work

IT organizations worldwide are trying their best to align the priority needs of businesses and provide IT services a stable, lively and cost effective environment.   The growing market industry seeks to go for the best practices that would improve their services and still reducing costs.  Most businesses prefer to apply the ITIL® best proven practices rather than undertake a process that would give higher cost to their businesses.

ITIL® provides a high level guide on the goals and objectives of what is being recommended.  It allows management to adopt best practices that are unique to their organization.

An organization to fully implement ITIL® best practices should adopt the following:

1.  Implement the ITIL® functions for streamlined adoption. 
     IT organization will have to group ITIL® functions in such
     a way that it will facilitate implementation and acceptance
     and increase awareness of the benefits.
2.  Put into place automated best practices using software-
     based tools.  There is a need to design applications to
     integrate and automate ITIL® processes.  The ITIL®
     terminologies and practices used should be standard
     in function.  The tools used should be easily adaptable
     based on the needs of the organization.
3.  Increase the Configuration Management Database
    to enable sharing and ensuring the accuracy of
    information across IT organization.  There should be
    a centralized database that is linked to other data
    storage, which would carry information from one
    point to another, without duplication.

The ITIL® is a guide and the adoption of the best practices entirely depends on how you will apply it to your organization.

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