TOGAF 9: The Future of The Open Group Architecture Framework

Are you already familiar with The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF?  This is actually a framework which is provided free of charge by The Open Group which is a “vendor and technology-neutral consortium”. 

Whether you are a business operating in the private or public sector, TOGAF can be easily utilized to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.  Basically, TOGAF involves a set of detailed methods and support tools which all aim to enhance your organizations’ IT infrastructure. 

Since it was introduced to the business community in the mid-1990’s, several versions of the TOGAF framework have been released. This includes TOGAF versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 8.1.1.

The latest version which is in its final development stages is TOGAF version 9. So what makes the latest version different from the earlier ones released?

The inclusion of new themes like Architecture Creation; Architecture Realization; Architecture-Based Transformation; The Enterprise, Culture & Stakeholders; and Architecture Management & Governance are the items to look forward to when TOGAF 9 is officially released by The Open Group.

Just like the earlier versions of TOGAF, there should also be a TOGAF 9 certification released once the latest version of this extremely useful architectural framework becomes available in the market.

With this better, technologically advanced version of TOGAF, more benefits should be provided for businesses. This is in addition to the core advantages of TOGAF which includes a well-integrated IT infrastructure, a clearly defined interface, efficiently managed IT services and a less complex information system.

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