TOGAF Architecture as it Relates to Technology Architecture

For the most part, a lot of individuals get confused with the term Enterprise Architecture.  The primary goal of Enterprise Architecture is to support any type of business with the help of fundamental technology applications and processes so that an Information Technology or IT strategy can be developed.

To eliminate the confusion, here are the four types of architecture which relate to Enterprise Architecture: business, data, applications and technology.  Originally TOGAF or The Open Group Architecture Framework was under the Technology Architecture category.

Over the years, however, TOGAF has evolved in such a way that all four areas of Enterprise Architecture are covered. So how exactly does TOGAF benefit a business organization? By developing a broad range of IT architectures with the help of a predefined set of methods and tools. 

As a result, an IT architect can design, build and evaluate the right architecture for their organization. Another benefit of using TOGAF in Enterprise Architecture is by lessening the costs involved in planning, designing and implementation of an IT framework.  This is due to the fact  that The Open Group provides the TOGAF framework free of charge – as long as the organization’s specific needs are met.

IT professionals and business owners have hailed TOGAF as an essential part of being an IT architect and running a business. Over the years, several versions of TOGAF has already been released, with version 9 currently in its final development stages. With its numerous benefits to an IT infrastructure and running a business, you should definitely make full use of the advantages provided by TOGAF to all of its users from around the world.

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