TOGAF: Definition

TOGAF (Open Group Architecture Framework) is a structure intended for what is known as Enterprise Architecture. An Enterprise Architecture is an essential organizing logic used by an organization for its IT infrastructure and business processes. Enterprise Architecture provides the organization with an inclusive approach in terms of designing, planning, carrying out, and managing an enterprise information architecture.

There are four domains or levels from which the architecture is basically patterned, which are 1) business, 2) application, 3) data, and 4) technology. These four foundations of architecture play a significant role for an architecture team to visualize existing and imminent state of the established architecture.

Moreover, an Architecture Development Method (ADM) is required for an organization to develop and design suitable and effective enterprise architecture. Specifically, ADM helps the organization in fulfilling its various information technology and business requirements. ADM may be customized depending on the organization’s current and pressing needs. Once used, ADM provides capability in managing the carrying out of interrelated architecture planning activities.

In unison, all the architecture assets that an organization possesses evidently provide an Enterprise Continuum, which is perceived or viewed as a “virtual repository.” These architecture assets include architectural patterns, architectural models, architecture descriptions, and other related artifacts that may either be available within the enterprise or organization, likewise in the IT business in general.

Both the Architecture and the Solutions Continuums make up the Enterprise Continuum. The Architecture Continuum indicates the assembling of some reusable architecture assets, including significant rulers, relationships, and representations governing the organization’s entire information system(s). On the other hand, the Solutions Continuum illustrates how the Architecture Continuum is carried out by determining vital reusable solutions elements.

Lastly, there are different TOGAF certified tools and alternative Enterprise Architecture frameworks available for use by any concerned organization.

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