TOGAF SOA: Another Breakthrough to Move Forward

TOGAF is undoubtedly creating a huge market in information architecture nowadays. Ditto, TOGAF doesn’t need to do something to show that it is really needed in supporting rising architectural frameworks that can possibly produce positive results.

One of the emerging architectural frameworks is SOA which truly requires an enormous support whether directly and indirectly from TOGAF. Since TOGAF and SOA need to work alongside each other to come up with a service-oriented architecture.

Architecture practitioners should be aware of the key enhancements once TOGAF gets the support of SOA. What will be deal? TOGAF a full grown framework and is widely adopted by enterprisers. On the other side, SOA is also widely acceptable architecture style. Give these common qualities of TOGAF and SOA, the idea of working together will absolutely provide strategic data architecture and will support business functions in the business architecture.

For the views and viewpoints enhancement that will take place once TOGAF and SOA merged, common set of architectural views to come up with a model view. Togaf views which include business architecture views, data architecture views, applications architecture views, and technology architecture views will function to achieve important views for SOA.

Architectural views, service model view, policy/guidelines/standards process view, maturity model view, service portfolio view and information view are all benefits of SOA in terms of architecture views. Stakeholders enhancement, business architecture enhancement, service application enhancement, technology enhancement, and architecture vision enhancement have metamodels designed for the benefits of both TOGAF and SOA which when properly implemented will result in wonderful changes that will lead to major growth and developments in business enterprises.

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