TOGAF Training Courses

The certification program for TOGAF is designed for both individuals and organizations.  Individuals get to become TOGAF certified upon demonstrating their knowledge of TOGAF through attendance to training course or passing a TOGAF examination.  Organizations who sell their products like TOGAF Tools or Training Courses and services can also be TOGAF certified.

If you are an individual who wish to be certified and choose to attend a training course, you will need to achieve a satisfactory completion of the course.  There are organizations that are TOGAF certified that provide training courses related to TOGAF.  These organizations include in their training package, registering an individual to The Open Group who have qualified for the course.  Within 30 days after completing the course, the individual’s name and certificate should show on The Open Group public register.

Some of the TOGAF courses offered are as follows:
1. The Technical Architecture Edition 2007 TOGAF
2. TOGAF 8.1
3. TOGAF 8 Standard Courseware using Version 8.1.1
4. TOGAF 8 Certification for Practitioners
5. TOGAF 8.1.1 Certification for Practitioners 2007
6. TOGAF 8 Architecture Training
7. Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF Version 8.1.1
8. The TOGAF Mentor using Version 8.1.1

TOGAF Training Courses can be done either through instructor led or distance learning.  The training course is conducted at a minimum of 4 day if instruction led or 28 hours of study if done through distance learning.  At the end of the course, participants to the training course are given an examination to assess their understanding of TOGAF and ability to apply the methodologies by solving case studies.  The result of the assessment will determine if the participant is to be nominated for certification to The Open Group.

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