Tom Siebel: The Man Behind the Siebel Systems

Tom Siebel or Thomas Siebel legally is the founding chairman of the Siebel Systems Incorporated.  He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 20, 1952.  Prior to being the founding chairman of the Siebel Systems, he was the chairman of a diverse and dynamic holding institution which interests is on real estate both commercial and residential, global-wide investment and management – the First Virtual Group. 

Tom Siebel was the chairman, founder, CEO of the Siebel Systems Incorporated until the time that the acquisition transpired.  Not common to everyone else, Tom Siebel is a philanthropist and an author.  He has written and published books focused about business.  Three of these books were commercially sold: Taking Care of E-Business, Cyber Rules, and Virtual Selling.

Tom Siebel is a well-educated person.  He is a graduate of one of the prime universities in Illinois, Chicago, the University of Illinois, where he took and finished History.  He holds two post graduate courses one in Business Administration and the other one in Computer Science.  He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering degree.

Tom Siebel is also a contributing academician having served as one of the Board of Advisers in the College of Engineering in both the Stanford University and the University of Illinois.  He is also the Director in one of the foundation of the Illinois University. 

Due to the massive contributions of Tom Siebel in the field of business and education he has been recognized of these achievements.  He received the David Packard award for his outstanding achievement in the field of technology and his great contributions in the ara of providing national security.  More awards were given to him such as the Lincoln Academy Laureate by the Lincoln Academy of Illinois; he was awarded by the Business Week in the year 2007 as one of the most generous philanthropists in the world.

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