Tools Available for Configuration Management

With the boost of the emphasis on the cost of software development, many organizations and companies have started to offer tools for Configuration Management that stand alone. It is very impossible to provide all the information that the users want regarding the tools for Configuration Management. A summary of the different tools are provided in the thousands of sites in the internet or in books that are written about Configuration Management. Some tools are provided below to help users choose the right Configuration Management tool they need.

One tool is the +1CM produced by +1 Software Engineering. This tool helps support various users working on a specific project in an organization. This tool is supports basic commands of Configuration management, its baselines and all the CM reports that are predefined. It also provides support on the different libraries for CM and other practices. Another tool is Accurev SCM or Software Configuration Management. This tool is provided by AccuRev Incorporation. It focuses on the processes of configuration management. It combines the different issues regarding SCM and other lifecycle tools. It has stream based architecture with integrated workflow, automation of processes, reuse of asset, and it improves the visibility of the development of the management of any organization. Testimonials coming form the existing users of this tool tell that it is easy to install and its features are very useful and strong.

There are lots of other Configuration Management tools available in the market nowadays. The only problem is to determine the best tool that the organization needs.

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