Tools for Revision Control in Configuration Management

Revision control is the efficient management numerous revisions of the same item of information. It is very common for use in software development and in engineering to supervise the ongoing development of documents that are digital like the source code application, blueprints and electronic models and other vital information that needs to be worked on by many people. Modifications and changes to the document are determined by increasing the associated letter code and also the individual that is making the change. A simple example of revision control is a blueprint named as revision number 1. When a change is done for the first time, the number of revision is increased to 2 and changed to three for the next change and so on. Some version control systems come from the industry of software engineering. However, revision control fixed in different types of software such as word processors, spreadsheets, and systems for content management. Revision control that is integrated is the main features of packages of wiki software.

There are lots of tools for revision control in Configuration Management. They are manufactured by well known software manufacturing companies and also they can be found on the thousands of sites in the web. One company that manufactures revision control tools is Purdue RCS Development; it gives contributed software support and also documentation. One of the software that the company provides is CS-RCS that includes stand alone computer software. Other tools for revision control are, GNU RCS, Revision Control Engine or RCE, DOSRCS, and many other tools.


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