Tools to Aid Itil Process

While the ITIL® has been internationally accepted as the standard guidelines in the IT service management, not much has been told on how to handle the processes. The ITIL® processes would be the best practices if problems along the processes were managed well.

Three of the ITIL® tools used are:

1.  Process management tools  refers to the management
     processes of ITIL® and tracking of its statuses, assignments,
     escalations, historical work performed, and tasks relative
     to fulfilling the work. 2.  Analysis Tools  refers to tools needed in analyzing
     relevant date.  It enables a detailed understanding of
     metrics that is aim to assist in providing accurate
     completion tasks. 3.  Execution Tools  refers to tools use to enable
     personnel responsible to complete the task using
     automated solutions.

The above tools are used in the implementation of the four processes of ITIL® as well as in the fine tuning and adjusting controls to meet organization’s needs.  The tools actually list down the actual tasks that should be performed to support each activity.  For example, an ITIL® Change management would have great effect to the personnel or group personnel concerned.  The request for the change should be validated and such would require checking whether it is justifiable to make such change. The ITIL® process tools are used towards coming up with a final decision whether change should be made or not.

With the ITIL® process tools on hand, documenting and finding immediate solutions to IT problems would be easier to handle with.  It is through the ITIL® process tools
 that an organization would minimize a cost on it’s IT budget or how much revenue it has earned from giving quick response to its users.


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