Tools used to become MCP Certified

To become a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) you need to passed examinations that will qualify you to become one.  Just like in all professions, one should have an expertise. Though one can obtained as many certifications in several
 fields, you still need to be certified to make you as one.

Microsoft has a Microsoft Press that provides several books that allows end users to Microsoft certification exams.  Their books offer Microsoft certification options and how to prepare for the examination.  The preparation for the examination in MCP can be done using some of the Microsoft Press books such as:

1.  Academic Learning Series (ALS).  ALS is a
     comprehensive program of books, software, and
     instructional resources developed for your networking
     support specialist/MCP curriculum for Microsoft® Windows
     NT® 4.0 and Microsoft Windows® 2000. 2.  Microsoft MCSE Training Kits and MCSD
     Training Kits.  These are the tops most self-paced
     tutorial/lab manual texts used in learning the essential
     for Microsoft networking and operating system technologies. 3.  Microsoft Readiness Reviews.  It is a book that provides a
     quick study and review of the Microsoft networking and
     operating system topics and includes full practice exam.

The MCP certification books offer a complete learning and teaching program developed for Microsoft networking and operating systems that are patterned from educational classrooms. Program books are designed to help users learn to deploy, manage and troubleshoot Microsoft® Windows® NT® and Windows 2000 and other Microsoft server applications.  All you need to do is to prepare for the examination ahead of time and be ready to take the MCP, and become certified.


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