Top 2 Reasons Why We Leverage on Google’s Developer Tools

The Google has made use of different tools and instruments in developing the applications and features that are present on every product and service that it offers.  Some of these applications have been developed using some of the more powerful scripting languages such as Ajax and Perl.

These developer tools should be properly leveraged in order to ensure that whatever happens with the feature or the software itself, you have the power as the user to fix and resolve the rising issues.

The coming of a better technology prompted many developers to adapt into the open source programs.  The open source code is the next genre of software development.  For this reason, users must take advantage in leveraging on knowing the ins and outs of developer tools specifically the Google’s Developer Tools.  Below are the reasons that you may find interesting on leveraging in developer’s tools:

a.    Leveraging on Google’s developer tools allows you to understand the fundamental things that you need in order to debug and troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your Google product.  There are times that you may not be able to understand why certain things happen when they are least expected to happen.  
b.    Leveraging on Google’s developer tools allows you to host through the Editor of the Google Gadgets section. With the use of the Gadget editor, you can substantially create, modify, and edit every important section of the program.  This gives you the ability to further control how the feature primarily behaves and reacts under specific circumstance.  This ability is considered to be getting deeper into the Google code which is a fundamental control over the Google product.  

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