Top Tweaks to Improve Your Google Calendar

Google Calendar is fast becoming the favorite online organizer of many Internet users. If you already have a Google account, creating a Calendar could be your best option in organizing your activities. Here are some of the most important functions and tweaks that you can do with Google Calendar. First, you can change the standard default view of Google Calendar to one that suits your needs. If you want your Calendar to display weekly events and schedules, simply go to the settings page of Google Calendar and configure it the way you like. This is very useful if you don’t want to be stuck with the 30 day calendar view of Google. Second, you can integrate weather reports on your Calendar. You can set the weather report through the settings page. Just specify your specific location and set the weather report to be added to your Calendar. You can now determine if you will have to bring a coat, an umbrella, or other rainy gears to your schedules. Another important utility you can use is the share function. You can easily share your Goggle Calendar to colleagues by clicking the share button. Your friends will receive a link to your Google Calendar so they can have access to it. If you don’t want to forget a scheduled event, simply set up an alert that will be sent to your email, mobile phone, or POP mail. Every time an event is forthcoming, the Google Calendar will send a reminder so you will not forget your schedules.

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