Top VMware Performance Enhancer Tips

Virtualization entails the operation of virtual computers inside the host (physical) system.  With multiple guests having multiple operating systems residing on the host server, the physical machine could be pushed to it maximum capabilities. It is therefore important to optimize the performance of the VMware program to enable the host to handle the guest appliance.

One thing that could max the performance of VMware is to use its built-in and ready to install tools.  Using the tools of the VMware instead of third party application can significantly increase the performance of the virtual machines.

Another important thing that must be done is to perform regular defrag operation on the virtual disks.  Virtual disk are similar to physical drives.  Continued usage makes its sectors fragmented thus slowing down loading time.  By defragging the disk, the fragmented files can be unified again which will increase the speed of the virtual machine.

For the host system especially if it is running on Windows platform, it would be best to run its interface on basic mode and increase performance rather than graphic display.  Users should disable animation effects on Windows because this eats up lots of physical RAM. 

Another performance enhancing measure is to disable all CD-ROM functionality on each of the virtual machines.  The virtual memory will allocate shared memory on these devices.  Disabling it could release much needed memory for the virtual machines.

Finally, if the system is running erratically and considerably displays events of slow down, it must be time already for a system upgrade.  The disk, memory, and systems cards, should be upgraded a notch higher in order to cope with the demands of the virtual environment.

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