Tracing the History of Outsourcing

Many people already know that outsourcing refers to accomplishing things from outside the organization rather than delegating work for people inside. What a lot of people are not familiar with is the history of outsourcing   in fact, outsourcing is as old as mankind itself. Since the very beginning when individuals began forming groups and groups began forming communities, there were times that the paths of groups crossed in order to avail of services that one could not provide for his own peoples. And that is the most basic definition of outsourcing. In order to overcome the lack of skills, knowledge and efforts, specialization was born and thus, led to what we all know as labor division.

Outsourcing s historical roots may be traced to different times and involves different sectors. To be a bit more official about it, the very first wave of outsourcing can be traced during the time of history when the industrial revolution happened. During this period a lot of services were outsourced   the only difference with our globalized time now is that the outsourcing happened within the countryside and not outside of it. The next wave came during the boom of the textile manufacturing industry, where the Indian textile marker began outsourcing their products to the British commercial textile mills. And finally, the third wave in the outsourcing history happened when people started outsourcing the high tech computer items and electronic gadgets via coastal delivery, international and via transactions through the World Wide Web or cyberspace.

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