Training for Building and Implementing Metadata Program

The creation of a Metadata is a by-product of business development.  Metadata uses information technologies to support such development.  There are two things that information technologies focus on, these are:

1. The management of data, content and knowledge.  It is about what you know about your business and customers and,
2. The management of metadata; what you know about the data, content and knowledge.

To build a program to manage metadata for your company reduce business and IT costs and improve the productivity knowledge of your worker.  Metadata is present in every business and is an IT tool from project management tools to database management tools to object tools to web tools.  Training programs are offered to students who seek to learn on how to build the components of a meta-data program, how to identify the “right” meta-data to manage, and how to formulate a meta-data program immediately and develop a strategy that can reduce costs and improve productivity with minimal investment.

Students or participants to the metadata training programs must have a background knowledge and understanding of data and metadata management technology, principles and best practices.  They must be in a position to define and implement a metadata management program for their company.  Part6icipanyts include Business, Technology and Data Managers, Solution Architects, Data Architects, System Integrators and Consultants who are responsible for reducing the Information Technology costs and the quality management of information assets.   The training program usually has 2 days duration.  The course format is done through lecture discussion and workshop exercises.

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